vCO – Configure NTP on ESX

In this example I set the NTP Server and then check if the NTP Service is running. If not I start it.

//myhost is input parameter of type VcHostSystem
//ntpServer is input parameter of type String[] (string array)

var hostDateTimeConfig = new VcHostDateTimeConfig();
hostDateTimeConfig.ntpConfig = new VcHostNtpConfig();
hostDateTimeConfig.ntpConfig.server = ntpServer;

//Set the ntp servers

//Check if the service is already running
var hostServiceInfo = myhost.configManager.serviceSystem.serviceInfo;
for each (var hostService in hostServiceInfo.service)
if (hostService.label == “NTP Daemon”)
//if the service is not running start it
if (hostService.running == false)
System.log(“Starting service ” + hostService.label + ” now”);
var ntpID =;
System.log(“Service ” + hostService.label + ” is already running”);

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