VMworld 2013 Session Videos

As I mentioned before this year I am not attending VMworld 2013. I am however still following what is going on. I was very excited to see that VMware has published a few sessions on youtube. I assume they will continue to do so as VMworld continues. For me it would have been great if they would have published it as apple podcasts since it would have allowed me to download it and watch it on the go. Still youtube is much better from what they have done in the past where you needed a pass to get access. As I remember there were even special passes just for online access. I am not sure if they have done the same thing last year as I was attending VMworld I wasn’t paying much attention to it. VMworld is growing and growing. Supposedly there are 22500 attendees this year which allegedly makes it the largest IT conference in the world. Moscone Center might hit its limit at some point so maybe in the future we will see that it gets booked out so it is even more valuable that the sessions will come publicly available right after. Thanks VMware!

Well here are the links. I don’t find it very organized but that might be due to youtube itself. The sessions are not necessarily under 2013 Sessions. I just go to videos at the moment. If you have the session numbers you can probable search for those.



Here are some direct links

VMworld 2013: Session VSVC4944 – PowerCLI Best Practices: A Deep Dive

VMworld2013: Session PHC5605-S – Everything You Want to Know About vCloud Hybrid Service

VMworld 2013: Session BCO5129 – Protection for All: vSphere Replication & SRM Technical Update

VMworld 2013: Session NET5847- NSX: Introducing the World to VMware NSX

VMworld 2013: Session SEC5893 – Changing the Economics of Firewall Services

VMworld 2013: Session VCM7369-S – Uncovering the Hidden Truth in Log Data

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