PowerCLI – Configure VCSA update policy

It took me a little while to figure this one out, since I am new to this rest API thing and I find the old API documentation easier. On VMware’s homepage I was not able to find the API for vSphere 6.7, only 6.5.


However you can access the API explorer directly on the vCenter as described here.


Below you can find my little PowerCli code snippet.

## Connect to VCSA. You would think to use the root user but no, SSO user
# like administrator@vsphere.local.
$cisConnection = Connect-CisServer -server vcenter.txusa.cloud 

## I didn't know how to create an updateSpec object so I just
## got the existing one from VCSA and then will overwrite the parameters
$updateSpec = (Get-CisService -Name "com.vmware.appliance.update.policy").get()

## Set parameters for update policy
$updateSpec.auto_stage = $true
$updateSpec.auto_update = $false
$updateSpec.manual_control = $true 
$updateSpec.username = ''
## vSphere 6.7u1 now forces https
$updateSpec.custom_URL = "https://updaterepository.txusa.cloud/vcsa"
## Time and day when to check for new updates. In this case every day at 5:00 am
$schedule = [pscustomobject] @{day="EVERYDAY";hour=5;minute=0}
$updateSpec.check_schedule = @($schedule)
## Set new update policy
(Get-CisService -Name "com.vmware.appliance.update.policy").set($updateSpec)

## Disconnect from VCSA
Disconnect-CisServer vcenter.txusa.cloud -Confirm:$false

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VMware Certified Design Expert - VCDX 92. VMware Architect, automation enthusiast.

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