vRO – get wwpn from HBAs

This weeks vRealize Orchestrator snippet will show how to get the wwpn from the HBAs of each hosts in the cluster. Input parameter is a cluster object (VcClusterComputeResource), here named cluster.

//input parameter is cluster of type VcClusterComputeResource
//First we will get an array of all hosts in the cluster
var hosts = cluster.host;

//Lets do this for each host
for each (var host in hosts)
  //This will give us an array of all HBAs of the host
  var hbas = host.configManager.storageSystem.storageDeviceInfo.hostBusAdapter;
  //Lets do this for each HBA of the host.
  for each(var hba in hbas)
    //We are only interested in Fibre Channel HBAs so only do this if HBA is of type VcHostFibreChannelHba.
    if (hba instanceof VcHostFibreChannelHba)
      //This will give us the WWPN
      var wwpn = hba.portWorldWideNameHex;

      //Lets get the device (example vmhba1)
      var device = hba.device;

      //Output will be like: Hostname: myesx.txusa.cloud   Device: vmhba1   wwpn: 21:00:00:26:b6:02:c1:01
      System.log("Hostname: " + host.name + "   Device: " + device + "   wwpn: " + wwpn);

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VMware Certified Design Expert - VCDX 92. VMware Architect, automation enthusiast.

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