Add a vAPI endpoint to vRO

I recently posted a post with a workflow that updates the vCenter Server Appliance. For this to work we have to add the vAPI endpoint first. The endpoint name must be the VCSA hostname. The workflow uses the vCenters guest full qualified hostname to connect with the vAPI endpoint. I quickly explain how to add the vAPI endpoint. It is actually pretty straight forward. You need to start the workflow “Import vAPI metamodel”. You would think “Add vAPI endpoint”, but no, import comes first.

Import vAPI metamodel

Provide the required information. The vAPI endpoint URL is simply the full qualified domain name https:// url followed by /api. For the user name the user administrator@vsphere.local will work fine. “Do you want to add vAPI endpoint using the same settings?” this will then add the vAPI endpoint. That is it. If the workflow completes successful you can then use the vAPI endpoint to use the vCenter REST API. This is a prerequisite step for running my “Update VCSA” workflow.

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